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What Makes A Great Writer and Author?

Becoming a great writer or author really isn't rocket science even though a lot of people believe that it is. You see, in order to become a great author takes a lot of practice. That is; you need to be writing every single day to perfect your craft of writing. This is why blogging is so highly valued these days.

Now you may be asking, why write a blog? Well I am going to answer that question. You see, blogging helps you to get your creative juices flowing. Plus it helps you to stay focused and it also gives you something to do each day so that you can practice on your writing.

Nobody says that you have to be perfect, and perfection is not what we're looking for here. No in fact, what we're looking for here is a well rounding form of communication that you feel comfortable in providing to your readers, and in order to do that, blogging helps in many ways.

You see, when you write on your blog, it gives you a chance to express your opinions. It allows for you to find out what it is that your readers want from you and so on. The more that you blog, and then look at what you have written over the past months and years, the more that you will see the steady improvement that you have made. Actually, blogging is a ken to journaling and in fact, that's what it really is.

The more that you write each day, the better you'll become. And, if you take tips from other authors who have gone down the same road that you're now traveling, you can actually avoid all of the mistakes and pitfalls that they have had to overcome. So it also pays to listen to others especially if they're giving good criticism and good advice. That's because more often than not, we need a second pair of eyes to examine what we have written to help us to see where we can improve. And as you already know, you can always improve.

Sure a lot of people hate to write but perhaps it's because they really never took up the craft and explored its many benefits. For starters, writing is much better than public speaking because you don't have to stand up in front of a live audience and talk. Secondly, writing is a form of recording information. Think of your text editor as a type of tape recorder that instead of recording sounds, it records letters, numbers and punctuation which in turn is your voice put into words.

Another way that you can improve on your writing is to learn from others. Read books by writers to discover what they do to overcome things like writer's block and such. Study how people use words and how they may tell stories and such. All of that can help you to greatly improve upon your writing. Take time to ask questions, and take time to view people's blogs, web sites and even marketing copy such as sales letters. Even reading articles from places like Ezine Articles is a good start in the right direction.

Now I do not encourage you to plagiarize, but I do encourage you to take notes on what you have learned from the different articles, blogs and web sites that you have visited. Oh, and if you have access to PLR material such as reports, e-books and articles, then that's content that you can legally use without the fear of plagiarism.

However, the key here is simply practice, and as you have heard so many times in your life, "practice makes perfect." That is the truth! The more that you practice on your writing, the better you'll get. That's the name of the game here. There aren't any magic bullets or hidden untold secrets or anything like that. It simply all boils down to simply practicing your writing.

You can think of writing being similar to public speaking in that it takes practice to become really good at it because just like public speaking, you have to form your voice,and you have to know how to organize your thoughts in such a way that are clearly understood by those that read them. This is why public speakers will use notes or even cue cards to help them to keep on topic.

You can do the same wtith your writing by simply taking notes and referring to them from time to time to keep you moving right along. Just remember, your notes do not have to be elaborate or complicated. They can be quite simple so as long as you understand them and can refer to them from time to time.

However, one of the most important aspects of becoming a really good writer is to take breaks from time to time. Everybody needs breaks and taking them can really help you to improve upon your writing because by taking the necessary breaks, that helps to clear your mind and they also help you to regroup and reorganize your thoughts so that when you do return to your writing, you can start fresh and new.

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