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If you're one of those who procrastinates when you do things, then you really need to listen up because here in this post, I am going to get really serious about backing up your writing in plain text. You see, I have stressed over and over again just how important it is to back up your work in plain text especially if you're using a fancy word processing file format like DOCX, DOC, or any other file format not mentioned here.

Now I am in no way trying to get you to not ever use those file formats, but what I am trying to do here is to get you to understand just how important plain text really is. You see, those fancy file formats that word processors use will not last forever, and more than likely just like all of the other fancy word processing file formats that have come and gone in the past will be the same fate for these newer fancy file formats as well.

However, plain text has never changed, and it isn't owned by anyone either unlike the file format of DOCS, or DOC.. Those file formats are owned by Microsoft, but plain text is owned by nobody and it is totally universal, portable and light weight on resources as well.

Not only that, but if you back up all your work in plain text format, then when that fancy file format no longer works for you, all you have to do then is to revive the file by opening up the plain text version inside your new word processor and there you go! You can now revive that document and add all of the fancy fonts and such that you want to it and then resave it in that brand new shiny file format that the word processor now uses. So you see, I can't stress enough just how important saving all your work in plain text really is. I can't stress that enough and I know that I probably sound like a broken record repeating and repeating it, but it has to be said because some people don't catch on as quickly as others do.

Remember, you don't have to procrastinate on this, you should take action it immediately when you create your files. Don't just put those files somewhere and forget about them because sure enough if you do do that, then that fancy file format that you have been using will have gone by the wayside, and then you're screwed because you didn't back it up in plain text format.

Each and every time that you make any modifications to a fancy word processing file, also back it up as plain text as well because if you get into the habit of doing that, then you will be active in preserving your work for the future. So please don't take your sweet time to do this. Take action on it immediately so that you don't loose what you have done.

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