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A Blog As An E-book?

Not many people have really thought of using their blog as an e-book authoring platform, but as you can see here, this is actually quite easy to do.

Your Posts As Chapters

The really cool thing about blogging is that if you use a blogging platform that is simple and easy to use, you can actually turn it into an e-book. Each post can be a single chapter in the book and it doesn't really matter how long each chapter is so as long as that each post is on a particular topic. However, unlike traditional e-books, your blog e-book just keeps on growing and all the readers have to do is to simply select the chapters that best suit their fancy to read and gleen from. Not only this, but the book doesn't have to be downloaded and it works on all computing platforms just like this one does.

Interaction With Your Readers

Unlike traditional e-books where the reader downloads and reads the book on their computer or portable device, blog e-books are interactive in that the readers can leave comments on the posts, or in this case here, they can simply toast the post which is similar to a like. This in turn helps to increase the value of each chapter in the end.

Easy To Manage

There's no doubt, updating a traditional e-book takes a lot of time and you also have to re-upload the file to your customers, whereas with a blog e-book, the updating takes place in real time and it is instant so that when your readers come back, they will see the changes that were made and they will have the most up to date version.

Online And Portable

Using your blog as an e-book platform is really a smart way to go simply because the blog is online and nobody has to download anything that would clutter up their hard drives, phones or tablets. It remains online.

And, if you're using a really simple blogging platform like this one, the loading time is extremely quick and reliable. Also, if you use a simple blogging platform such as this, you can still add simplified markup that will help you to divide up the post chapters into sections to make it easier on your readers just like is being done here on this blog.

The Story Never Ends

Unlike traditional e-books, blog e-books never really end because you're always providing new content in which to read. This in turn will keep your readers happy because all they would have to do is to simply keep revisiting your blog to get all the latest information on the spot instantly! Now that's real publishing power! Blogs just might be the real future of e-books.

Not only that, but as your blog book grows, you will be adding more sections to it. For example, you may want to add a post that specifically deals with products that you sell. This particular post would keep growing as you add more products, or you could simply add additional pages for that as well.

So as you can see, turning your blog into an e-book really isn't all that hard to do. It is a matter of just choosing the post titles that you want to create and then adding in the content.

No File Format Issues

Let's face it, there are a plethora of e-book file formats out there all begging you for attention. However, if you use a blogging platform such as this to write your e-book, then you have solved the file format problem once and for all.

The reason for this is because of the fact that the e-book is online and it is being published through a blogging platform which only needs your web browser to display the rich content. That's good enough for any e-book author or publisher because you don't have to worry about any proprietary file formats and you would already know that the book would be totally accessible to everybody who is online.

Turning Your Blog Into An External E-book

Now this method takes a bit more work, but it can be easily done. The best thing to do here if you want to turn your blog into an external self-contained e-book that you will either sell or give away, is to figure out what your e-book topic is going to be and then locate the relevant posts on your blog in which to use for the book.

You could go in and edit the individual posts to remove things such as the date and anything else that relates it to a blog post and then copy and paste that content into your text editor to begin assembling your external e-book. What you need to do, is to also keep a good flow going in that you will need to add chapters and or sections so that your readers can navigate the e-book with ease. You don't want the book to just be a huge ranbling block of text.

Collecting the posts that best suits your external book topic is of the utmost important here. You want to make doubly sure that each and every section of your book covers everything very well.

Once you have gathered everything and put it into the desired layout, then the next thing you need to do is to decide upon the book's format. I would highly recommend both plain text and PDF.

As your blog grows, you may find that you can create other e-books from your blog posts as well provided that you have covered enough topics. So creating an external e-book from your blog posts can actually be a whole lot of fun and quite easy to do. You have already written the posts and now it is just a matter of assembling all those posts into a topical e-book that you can give away or sell for profit.


As you already see here, using a blogging platform especially a simple one is great for writing an e-book through. It allows for anyone to read your book without worrying about whether or not they have the right software to read the book with. They already have it. It is their web browser.

So you might want to seriously think about using a blogging platform to write your e-books with You just might find it much easier than the more traditional method of writing an e-book would be.

And, as you have seen above, you can turn your blog posts into an external e-book is you so choose and either give it away or sell it for a profit. Both of these choices are great choices for creating an e-book and both of them work well for just about anyone.

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