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As a user of plain text myself, I have come to realize just how important it really is even in today's modern world. A matter of fact, we all use plain text on a daily basis when we post on social media and when we send e-mail messages, or when we send text messages to one another, so why not use plain text for everything else?

Well that's a very good question because we're all primed to use Microsoft Word for just about everything under the sun. I have even heard of people opening up Microsoft Word just to write a grocery list, or a to do list. Now that's crazy!

As I have stated so many times, I hate Microsoft Word. I want nothing to do with it because it is too cumbersome, too bulky, it does too many things at once and it tries to think for you. It is truly a writer's nightmare!

Now if you would like to learn all about how you can use plain text, then you can purchase my book entitled, A Plain Defense For Plain Text. It is only $2.99, and I have included the order link here below.

You will see case studies of individuals who use plain text on a daily basis and so much more. Once you are on the order page, be sure to put in the note field the name of the product that you're ordering and your email address so that once I have received the payment, I can then send you the download link. Also, with this purchase you will be getting some bonuses. They're listed here below.

  • A Simple Markdown Guide
  • A Huge Collection Of Windows and Online Text Editors and Text Viewers

Now, $2.99 is a pretty cheap price for this including the bonuses. So if you really want to know all about plain text and you want to see how others are using it in their daily lives, then click below to place your order for the book.

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