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The Benefits Of Writing An E-book

You may be asking yourself; why should I write an e-book? Well there are many reasons why you should write one, and we're going to have a look at these reasons here below.

Great Lead Magnets

E-books make great lead magnets because you can use them to build your list. You see, if you offer an e-book that is related to your business and its products, you can actually showcase the business inside the e-book as well as provide relevant links to some of the products that you sell to begin making some money.

Simply giving away a free e-book is really a smart move for your business because it gives the customers a glimpse into your business world. However, what you must understand is that even though you're giving away a free e-book doesn't mean that it shouldn't be any good. A matter of fact, the e-book should be top notch so that your future customers will sign up to get it. Your e-book should also be appealing as far as the topic goes and if you need to use an e-cover for the book, then the e-cover should also be top notch as well.

Remember, the opt-in page is really nothing more than a mini sales letter to get people to give you their name and email address in exchange for the free e-book, so everything in realation to the e-book must be top notch. Remember, the free e-book is your first attempt at getting something to your customer base.

E-books Can Display Your Expertise On A Particular Topic

E-books are a great way to showcase your expertise in a particular topic or niche. People download e-books because all of the research has already been done for them, and e-books are just easier to consume than trying to search all over the web for the information yourself. This is why e-books are so popular. They have the right information at the right time for the consumer.

Great For Your Portfolio

Believe it or not, if you have a number of e-books under your belt, you can showcase them in your portfolio if you wish to create one. Not only this, but a number of e-books on a particular topic or niche also well establishes you as an expert, and as you already know, people look up to experts.

E-books Can Make You Money

People have made lots of money creating and selling their own e-books whether they sell them on their own site or through platforms like Kindle and so on. The fact is, money can definitely be made in e-books. I am one of those who have made money by writing and selling my own e-books. E-books are really the perfect tool for making money simply because they're so easy to produce these days thanks to modern technology.

Create Once and Sell An Unlimited Number Of Copies

It's true, all you have to do is to create the book once and then begin raking in the profits over and over again. E-books are unlimited as far as the number of them that you can sell. It is just a single file that you can sell over and over again. Printed books can't be done this way at all.

There Are Many Formats To Choose From For Your E-book

There are many file formats that you can put your e-book into. However, the most popular ones are TXT, PDF, Epub and Kindle's e-book format. There are many other formats not mentioned here, but these that are mentioned here are perhaps the most popular out of all the e-book formats that you can use.

Now I personally love the TXT format since it is so versatile and easy to use on all devices. Plain text e-books are really the most portable and reliable books around because plain text can be viewed on all computing platforms and it doesn't need any special proprietary software in order to view or edit the files.


By now you should have a pretty good idea as to why you should write your own e-book. I have outlined some of the reasons above and hopefully one of them will help you to get your creative juices flowing.

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