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Text Editors Galore!

Now before I even get started with this post, I need to inform you my readers that this is mainly for those using Windows computers. So sorry Mac people and smart phone and tablet users.

OK, most of us probably have a Windows computer at home unless you are an Apple person. Anyway, if you do have a PC, then this post is definitely for you! Now as you already know from reading this blog, it is devoted to plain text and writing. So in light of that, I would like to offer you something today that I believe will be like Christmas.

OK, so what is it? Well I would like to offer you my huge collection of text editors. That's right, If you send me an email to the address here below, and you put in the subject line; Text Editors, I will send you my entire collection of them straight away free of charge. Here's my email address below.


This collection of text editors is pretty extensive, and it took me quite some time to gather them all, so it is a valuable collection indeed! Like I had mentioned so many times, I don't like word processing programs. I think that they're totally useless and too big for their own good. The only time that I even use a word processor is to do a spellcheck on what I have written in plain text but that's it. To me, text editors are definitely the way to go. They're simple, easy to use, take up very little of your computer's resources and in many cases, they're portable. Word processors arent so much. Most of those have to be installed because they have a lot going on with them that would not work well in a portable environment.

There are however, some exceptions to the rule though, but in the end, those programs are still word processors. that's why I didn't list them in the collection. So if you would like your very own collection of text editors, simply send me an email to the address above and I will be sure to send the collection over to you as soon as possible. Who knows, you just might find a text editor that you really love in the collection.

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